How to Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card

You might be troubled to lose a CIBC credit card, but responding quickly to protect the money is necessary. When you have a CIBC credit card and facing such a condition, it will be important that you notify the loss as quickly as possible. The most basic methods and suggestions given in the article will assist you in managing the necessary steps to secure yourself from possible loss of money and improper use.

Identifying a missing CIBC credit card helps reduce unwanted purchases and protect the safety of your money. The method used for reporting a missing credit card changes just based on the kind of card and the nation or location where you live. This article will help you to learn the procedures of reporting a lost CIBC credit card quickly and successfully. Considering the necessity of responding quickly and the possible options will enable you to act quickly.

Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card

When you’ve lost or misplaced your CIBC credit card, you must report it immediately to avoid unwanted purchases and secure your money. We have many ways to report a missing CIBC credit card, like online banking with CIBC, an application for CIBC mobile banking, telephone banking Service, CIBC Customer Service, card services available 24 hours, CIBC bank branch, and contacting help through email.

Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card
Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card

How to Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card

You can report a lost or missing CIBC credit card using any of the methods listed below:

Contact CIBC Card Services: Simply contact CIBC’s official Card Services helpline. The contact information can be found on the back of your credit card or on the official CIBC website at

Report the Loss: Notify the customer support agent if your CIBC credit card has been misplaced or damaged. They can direct you over the process of reporting the loss and canceling your card.

Check Your Identity: If you receive a customer care call don’t forget to provide identification. The customer support agent may request more details to verify that you are the customer. Your credit card number, personal identity information, and latest transaction history may be provided.

Act quickly: Immediately you possibly find your credit card has been stolen or misplaced, notify it. The more quickly you report the loss to us, the easier your chances of stopping fraudulent activities remain.

Check Your Account: Once reported the missing credit card, remember to check your account frequently to verify that no unwanted transactions happened. When you spot any unusual behavior, please notify CIBC right away.

Request a Replacement Card: When you continue to need a CIBC credit card, request the service person provide one to your address. They can help you do this, and your replacement card will be sent within some working days.

Change Automatic Payments: If you have any automatic payments set up or connected the missing credit card to multiple services, you are sure to change the details of your payments using the new card or another option.

Check Recent Transactions: If you’re on the phone conversation, check over the most recent payments on your credit card account. Submit any unwanted charges to a customer care contact immediately so they can assist you with the complaint procedure.

How to Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card Online

Follow the easy instructions to report a missing CIBC credit card online:

  1. Visit to access your CIBC Online Banking account.
  2. Choose the card to report under the Credit Cards category.
  3. Search for the relevant option on the CIBC website for reporting a stolen or misplaced card. Follow the on-screen directions.
  4. Give us information about your missing cards, such as your card number and details. Agree that you wish to report the missing card.
  5. When you require a new card, see if you can get one online. If not, while reporting the missing card online, call customer care.
  6. Continue to watch your account and verify that no unapproved charges have been made.

How to Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card by CIBC Mobile App

Follow the simple directions to report a missing CIBC credit card using the CIBC Mobile App:

  1. Download and install the CIBC Mobile Banking App on your smartphone.
  2. Next, open and Log in to your CIBC online banking account using your username and password.
  3. After logging in, navigate to the section that shows your credit cards. This might be called “Credit Cards” or “Accounts” on the app screen.
  4. Check for the option usually appears under the credit card section for reporting a credit card that has been misplaced or stolen.
  5. Click the option for reporting a misplaced or stolen card, and the app may request that you authenticate your identity.
  6. Prepare to submit information regarding your stolen credit card, like the card number and your name that shows on the card.
  7. Check the details that you submitted and validate that you wish to report the credit card as missing or lost.
  8. When you require a replacement card, see whether you can do it using the app. After reporting the missing card on the app, you may contact CIBC’s customer support to get a new card.

How to Report a Lost CIBC Credit Card Offline

You have different options for reporting a lost CIBC credit card offline. Follow the given steps:

CIBC Customer Care

  • To report a missing credit card, call CIBC’s customer care number at 18665258622 and request to be sent to the relevant branch. They can help you in starting the procedure and give you more details.

Visit a CIBC Branch Channel

  • When you choose to communicate in person, you may go to a CIBC branch nearest you. Notify the bank’s employee if your credit card has been misplaced or stolen.
  • They can lead you through the procedure of reporting your loss and will support you with any further questions.

Card Services Helpline (24/7)

  • Now contact CIBC’s specific 24/7 Card Services helpline. The contact information is usually accessible on CIBC’s official website.
  • A customer care agent can help you report a missing or stolen credit card via phone.

E-Mail Support

  • When you are unable to phone or reach a branch right away, you may compose an email to CIBC explaining the loss of your credit card.
  • Give your full name, credit card number, estimated date and time of loss, and any extra important details. Submit the email to the address shown on CIBC’s official website.

Important Points to Consider Before Reporting a Lost CIBC Credit Card

While reporting a missing CIBC credit card, follow the given important methods:

Collect Information: While filing the report, collect important credit card details like the card number, name, and address that shows on the card and any recently made purchases you may remember. These details might have been needed all over the process of reporting.

Find the contact information: Check that you have the phone number for CIBC’s specific 24/7 Card Services helpline. It is normally displayed on the back of your credit card or may be found on the CIBC website.

Check the Loss: When reporting the card as missing, verify all around you to confirm you have not misplaced it. A credit card can get located in an unusual spot.

Check Recent Transactions: Check the latest transactions on your credit card report. Report any questionable or unapproved transactions to CIBC while reporting the missing card.

Keep Your Card Data Safe: After the reporting procedure, do not share your credit card details or identification details with anybody other than authorized CIBC staff.

Can I temporarily block my CIBC missing credit card?

CIBC can give the facility to temporarily block or freeze your credit card using its online banking portal or mobile app. This can be helpful if you’ve misplaced your CIBC credit card.

What can I do if I recover my misplaced card after reporting it?

When you recover your lost CIBC credit card after reporting it, you still need to call CIBC’s customer care to let them know. They will advise you on which steps to consider, which can involve validating the safety of your card and unlocking it if it has been blocked. 

Which details do I need to give when reporting a missing CIBC credit card?

Remember to give your complete name, credit card number, and any additional details that the customer support agent may want when reporting a missing card. Confirming your identity ensures that only the proper person will take a response.

How can I report a CIBC credit card that has been lost?

Immediately you start to find your CIBC credit card is gone, contact CIBC customer care. The proper phone number may also be found on CIBC’s official website.

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